2015 Champions, trophy and medal winners

Track Champions 2014/15

1st  Thomas McFarlane
2nd  Harrison McLean
3rd  Bernadette Fitzgerald

1st  Austin Timmins
2nd  Will Lumby
3rd  Grace McLean

1st  Oliver McLean
2nd  Fleur Timmins
3rd  Thomas Fitzgerald

1st  Kaleb Jans
2nd  Josh Wight
3rd  Max Slinger

Road Champions 2015

1st  Brett Franklin
2nd  Stefan Kirsch
3rd  Peter Hollins

1st  Austin Timmins
2nd  Grace McLean
3rd  Mitchell Harry

1st  Oliver McLean
2nd  Thomas Fitzgerald
3rd  Kaleb Jans

Senior ITT   Brett Franklin
Junior ITT   Oliver McLean

Senior hillclimb   Brett Franklin
Junior hillclimb   Oliver McLean

Road Aggregate 2015

Senior   Brett Franklin  (John Sauvarin memorial)
Junior ‘B’   Kaleb Jans   (Mark Murphy memorial)


Dancs cup –  Kaleb Jans
George Martin  – Chris Rowe
Lex Watt trophy  – Thomas McFarlane
McIndoe cup  – Will Lumby
Sprag trophy  – Will Lumby
Watchorn trophy  – Oliver McLean
Woodchoppers  – Dane Herbert

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