Thanks to the 24 people who filled out the survey recently. We are keen to share all the results with you all:

Of the 24, 12 were LCC race members (or plan to be) and

3 LCC ride members

2 parents of LCC riders

1 race official

(so 18/24 LCC)

3 club members from other clubs

3 riders outside of cycling vic structure.


  • our first question asked about all the things you liked best about the
  • overwhelmingly you said our usual road race program- 68%of participants,
  • next most popular was association with other clubs i.e. 3day tour -60%,
  • then came training rides at 41%
  • then junior development 36%
  • then catching up with friends 32%
  • and velodrome stuff and social stuff came in at 27% each
  • there was less support for hosting CV events and the junior tour- at 18%
  • when we asked what you wanted more of, in order of popularity you said :
  • more sponsored races 47% of respondents
  • more social rides 31%
  • more movie nights 31%
  • more social rides further afield 21%
  • bicycle repair nights 21%

Comments asked for different types of events such as mountain bike, cycle cross and gravel rides

20 people answered the Cyclocross race question and 55% said they would race (some would use a mountain bike) and 45% said they wouldn’t .

So that’s encouraging and we plan to do our first trial Cyclocross race this year. We are currently negotiating to run it within coal creek,  Korumburra which has a potential 2.5 km circuit, an ideal length with a mix of gravel, grass, muddy paths (in winter)bush tracks and obstacles. We have nominated a date in July on the calendar but this is subject to change. I will be contacting people to see if they are prepared to help run it.

18 answered the gravel roads question, and 8 said yes, but 10 said no or had reservations. Short safe bits of gravel roads were favoured in the 3 comments.

We don’t currently need to use gravel roads in races as riders seem generally happy with where we race already. But maybe a gravel granfondo (not a race) could be a future event for the club.

The velodrome question, got overwhelming support for fixing it up- 83%, with only one no and 3 undecided. It generated the most comments with the bulk of people making the point it was great for skills training and junior development, and future club growth if it’s fixed well.

We are certainly trying to progress the velodrome renovation. We are chasing grants. From your supportive comments, you should all be ready to lend a hand when we have future working bees 🙂

The Gippsland combine race program got strong support from racers with 14 out of 15 who race, in favour of the new initiative.

The club is fairly committed to supporting this into the future.

Other important things about racing to members is variety – a mix of circuits and out and back races, and a mix of Saturdays and Sundays both got 50% responses. Next was safety (47%) then socialising and facilities (both40%), then scenic routes at 28%.

Summarising your favourite race routes, Kernot (4), Korrine (3), Tarwin (2), Poowong (2) and Mardan (2) got most specific votes in the comments. Some people just like all routes which gets back to variety being valued.

Race routes that got negative comments were Pound Creek (3) Kongwak to Jeetho (1) for safety issues and Tarwin because of the wind!

so thanks for your time doing the survey, and as you can see the committee have taken notice of what you value and want, and are working towards maintaining and growing these activities. We are trying to organise a screening of the movie MAMIL, planning new events, liaising with chamber of commerce, and getting on with core business (racing) and if this info has fired you up to help more with the running of the club, then you’re welcome to come along to the next meeting , third tuesday of the month RSL 730pm.

Cheers from the committee

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