3 Day Tour of Gippsland 2014

3 Day Tour Delegates asked to meet at Traralgon on the 2/12/2013

Suggested Format

Day 1 Wellington, TT and RR
Day 2 Leongatha RR and possibly Criterium
Day 3 Latrobe RR and presentations

To be eligible to enter the Gippsland Three Day Tour a cyclist must be a member of a Gippsland Club (Bairnsdale Riviera Cycling Club, Latrobe City Cycling Club, Leongatha Cycling Club, Warragul Cycling Club, Wellington Cycling Club) with the following exception:
Delegates of the Gippsland Cycling Clubs will consider applications from cyclists who are not members of Gippsland Clubs to enter the Gippsland Three Day Tour if those cyclists have either ridden at least two races with a Gippsland Club during the preceding 12 month period or can demonstrate an historic connection with a Gippsland Cycling Club. Applicants need to be aware that preference will be given to members of Gippsland Clubs and that fields will be limited to 30 entrants in each grade.

3 day Tour’s 50th anniversary and Gippsland Champions presentation dinner, 31st May, Traralgon (TBC).

Hi All,
One part of the 3 Day Tour that several delegates seemed keen to
introduce was a crit.
Latrobe believes they may be able to use the sale aerodrome.
Without this the other clubs do not have a crit course.
We do run a crit race these days at bena.

Do you think we could or should (?) run a bena crit for the 3 day tour?
Problems would be the timing, running 2 or more grades at once, entry
for cars once we have started, etc
And the suitability of the course to cope with 30 riders in a bunch

Your thoughts?



Hi Kev. I think a crit for the tour is a great idea but Bena is not the
course for it. Why not investigate using the industrial estate in
Leongatha? Perfect crit course. Could easily run 2 grades at a time on
there. We could use Mardan in the morning for the road race?


Tony Clark

I like the sound of a Crit. But with the current format of 3 road stages and
a Individual TT I think a Crit would be too much.
So maybe a Gippsland combine Crit Championships instead?
I would like to have a look at the Leongatha Industrial estate for future
LCC Criterium races.


3 Day Tour Delegates – KF reports:
LCC will host day 2 of the 3 Day tour at the Mardan Circuit Sunday June 8th 11:00 AM start.  LCC does not have a suitable crit course.
A grade 2 laps, B grade 1 lap Hulls, 1 Lap Mardan, C grade 1 lap Mardan.

Notes from 3DT Delegates meeting discussed.  Notes attached Crit inclusion queried as was the inclusion of a longer TT event.
Discussion to be taken back to 3DT delegates meeting.
KF to apply for permits – update at next LCC meeting.


  1. Chris at Latrobe

    Latrobe have a good crit circuit in Churchill. See http://www.strava.com/activities/122004496. Maybe an option before the Yinnar stage on the Monday.

  2. Yeah – longer TT, but flat. Get rid of those crazy hills!

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