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Dear all,

To help boost memberships, Cycling Australia (CA), in partnership with Cyclist Magazine, CA is launching a free:

  • 1-month trial Race membership; and
  • 3-month trial RIDE+ membership.

These memberships will target non-CA members who subscribe to Cyclist Magazine, reaching a new audience.

You will find outline of the program from CA here:

Cyclist Magazine will promote the offer to their database from 10th April 2017.

It is expected many of these people will more than likely have limited knowledge of racing, never raced before and have never been part of a club before (i.e. never participated in skill sessions, club rides or club social events).  As we want them to enjoy the experience and ultimately become a member of your club, it is important you make trial members who approach your club feel as welcome as possible and take the time to show them the ropes.

Please make sure relevant committee members are briefed to keep the following in check:

  • Trial memberships can only be at club events.
  • Trial memberships to be treated as a temporary race membership, however, there is NO limit to the number of races an individual can enter during their trial month (licence can be used as many times or at as many clubs as they want within the month)
  • Trial members will need to present their ‘Welcome’ email as proof (electronically on their phone or hardcopy) – this should be dated (see example attached)
  • Any club race entry fees are still applicable as the club sees fit. 

There is no need to record these trial members separately as CA has set up the online registration to record the uptake.

On conclusion of the free membership period, we will work to convert these trial members into paid CA members.

If you have any questions, or if we can help to support you in this program, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Kind regards

Georgie Camakaris

Manager, Clubs – Cycling Victoria
P: +61 3 8480 3000 | |
281 Darebin Road, Thornbury, 3071

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