Dumbalk 21st May 2017


The break-away group of three ‘B’ grade riders – 2min 10s ahead of the next group as they climb towards Mardan.   (39 event images)

Leongatha riders won all four grades in the second of the Warragul City Motors combine tri-series held at Dumbalk on Sunday morning with 36 riders out to challenge the course. The Gippsland combine is between Warragul, Latrobe and Leongatha clubs. On Sunday, Leongatha hosted the event over a hilly 44 Kilometre course through Mirboo, Mirboo North and Mardan, before finishing back in Dumbalk. The weather was fine with an increasing northerly wind which made for a fast section across the top of the ridge and descent of Love’s lane to the finish. There were some riders who found difficulty with a tricky right-hand bend on the descent.


‘A’ grade on the Mardan climb.

A grade was won by Thomas McFarlane (Lga) from a field of 10 riders. In second place was Daniel Furmston (Latrobe) and Brian Sing (visiting from WA) third. Other Leongatha riders finishing were Harrison McLean sixth, Will Lumby ninth, (Will was still recovering from placing third in the U/19 Country championships at Harcourt on Saturday) and Brett Franklin finished in 10th after having the misfortune of dropping and jamming his chain.

Oliver McLean claimed the win in B grade from Jim Timmer-Arends (Latrobe) in second and Allan McCulloch (Warragul) third. Oliver was dominating in a break-away group of three that had a two minute lead over the rest of the field out of Mirboo North. Other Leongatha riders to finish were Tony Smith finishing in fourth, Chris Rowe fifth and Leigh Stott sixth.


“…found the hilly course to his liking.”

C grade with a field of 13 riders was won by Thomas Fitzgerald (Lga) second Peter McDonald (Warragul) and third Shaun Donaldson (Warr). Thomas was riding in the leading group of six and found the hilly course to his liking. Kevin Feely finished in sixth with Brad Bouquet seventh, Morgan Barnes eight, Tony Giles (10th), Kerry Pritchard (11th), Bernadette Fitzgerald (12th) and Michael Park (13th)


‘D’ grade under-way.

D grade with only four riders, all from Leongatha rode a 20Km out-and-back course. Kaleb Jans stretched-out the others from the start and went on to win. Peter McLean came in second with Kerry Fitzgerald third and Caleb Murphy fourth.

Next Saturday is the George Marin trophy over the Leongatha-Mardan circuit.

event images

A Grade
1st Tom McFarlane
2nd Daniel Furmston
3rd Brian Sing
4th Jason Strickland
5th Matt Parkinson
6th Harry McLean
7th Paul Collins
8th Chris Joustra
9th Will Lumby
10th Brett Franklin

B Grade
1st Ollie McLean
2nd Jim Timmer Arends
3rd Alan McCulloch
4th Tony Smith
5th Chris Rowe
6th Leigh Stott
7th Rob Monk
8th Ryan McGregor
9th Darren Spiteri

C Grade
1st Tom Fitzgerald
2nd Peter McDonald
3rd Shaun Donaldson
4th Geoff Thomson
5th Colin Manintveld
6th Kevin Feely
7th Brad Bouquet
8th Morgan Barnes
9th Simon Forbes
10th Tony Giles
11th Kerry Pritchard
12th Bernadette Fitzgerald
13th Michael Park

D Grade
1st Kaleb Jans
2nd Peter McLean
3rd Kerry Fitzgerald
4th Caleb Murphy

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