Gippsland 3Day tour 2016


Leongatha group photo before the start of stage 4
(absent – Kevin Feely and Will Lumby)
(28 event images)

Riding in A Grade are Austin Timmins, Thomas McFarlane, Brett Franklin, Harrison McLean and Will Lumby. B Grade – Steve Allen, David McFarlane and Kevin Feely. C Grade – Gavin Slavin, Oliver McLean and Phil Hanley.

The annual Gippsland 3Day Tour between Warragul, Latrobe, Bairnsdale, Wellington and Leongatha Clubs was held over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend with 11 Leongatha riders competing in the four stages over the three days. There were four grades with 14 riders in A grade, B grade13, C grade 13 and 8 in D grade. On Monday the Leongatha Cycling Club hosted the 4th stage with only 41 riders still left in the event to tackle the tough the Mardan circuit.

The winners’ of the Leongatha stage were, Cyrus Monk (non-Gippsland) winning A grade with Brett Franklin (Leongatha) second and Austin Timmins (Lga) third. In B grade Latrobe Club riders cleaned-up the first three places with Jason Strickland winning from Col Aitken and Jim Timmer-Arends. C grade was won by Jimmy Lalor (Warragul) with Lochie Mushet (non-Gippsland) second and Oliver McLean (Lga) third. In D grade Warragul riders filled the first three places with Duane McDonald winning from Daniel Bishop and Mariah Dastey.

The Leongatha riders who acquitted themselves well over the three days of racing were Brett Franklin finishing second in the A grade General classification points, whilst Austin Timmins was fourth. In B grade Oliver McLean finished second on the General classification table.


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