Industrial estate 17th March 2019

Club members fronted up at 9.00am on Sunday for the first road racing for the junior members. For those out on the bike, it was a very pleasant morning. There were enough seniors to accompany each of the juniors at their first effort on the roads. The roads in this instance were those around one block in the Leongatha Industrial estate. With traffic control at the entry corners, it was a good venue for an introduction to another aspect of the sport. Unfortunately, we did not have enough seniors ready to race as well.

With a spread of abilities and 1 rider being on a mountain bike it was decided the first race would be a handicap over 6 laps – 4.8km. The limit rider – Stephen Spencer was on 2.30min, followed by Bastion Jefferies at 2.00min. Thomas and Kate Geary were at 1.00min whilst Renee Hardacre was on Scratch. The senior riders tried to help the juniors with taking a good line into the corners and perhaps trying to change gears. However, as it was the first ride on the road bikes for some – sticking with the one gear was perhaps safer. Bastian had a good coach riding with him and he managed to hit the front after 2 laps and continued on his way to having a convincing win. Stephen was pedalling a small gear but just managed to cross the line for 2nd ahead of a fast finishing Renee who took 3rd and fastest time. Thomas sprinted home on his mountain bike for 4th just ahead of Kate.

After the riders had recovered and received some further pointers they were assembled for a mass start – “criterium” race over 3 laps. Bastian went out hard and opened up a break after the first lap but Renee moved into action and chased him down and went on to have a clear win. Bastain kept his gap to take 2nd whilst Kate Geary rode in for 3rd, Thomas 4th and Stephen 5th.

Next week they can try it all again at the Industrial estate at 9.00am Sunday. Riders on Mountain Bikes are welcome and we hope to see some senior riders front up for a race as well.


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