Industrial estate Criterium 15th Sept 2019

The last of the Club road season races was held at the industrial estate on Sunday morning. The riders had fine and warm conditions but had to battle a strong westerly wind. This was great on the run up the finish straight past Browns Stockfeeds but also meant a solid headwind down McPherson St. The senior field raced for 45minutes and initially the riders were lapping at 70secs a lap but this eased to 75sec to 80 secs as the race progressed. The high tempo racing meant there was little rest and recovery and the first rider to suffer was Peter McLean.

By the halfway mark the field was looking a little distressed so Brian Sing decided to cause more pain as he lifted the pace and rode away taking the lap times down by 5 secs again. This effort soon had Oliver Mclean Also in trouble and Steve Allen and Cam Brown could just manage a good cadence and hang in until the finish. With about 10min remaining Brian had lapped the field and after a short rest moved out to try and take another lap but this time the finish arrived before he could complete the task. Brian Sing was the clear winner Cam Brown took the sprint for 2nd ahead of Steve with Ollie and Peter finishing in that order.

Bastian was the lone junior rider so raced for 5 laps with Kerry Fitzgerald keeping him company. Bastian was happy to talk and watch the seniors circulating past him which was a change for his normal racing conditions.

The Club riders next local racing will be a Gippsland Combine on Sunday Oct 6 around the Nerrena-Mardan circuit. Time is running out for people to book in for the 60th Anniversary Dinner Dance on Oct 19 so get organised this week and book a place.


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