Korrine 15th June 2019 (Club road Championships)

Leigh Stott 2nd, Road Championship winner Alex Dunbar and Tom McNish 3rd

The 2019 Club Road Title was held on Saturday around the Korrine Circuit. It was a fine and sunny afternoon with a light wind. The riders in the Title race had to complete 3 circuits of the hilly 18km circuit. The bunch headed out at a brisk pace and it was not long before there were some attacks. On the long climb up the McGraws Rd hill, Harry McLean and Tom McNish moved away to a 100m lead and Leigh Stott was under some difficulty in the bunch. Steady riding from Alex Dunbar and Oliver McLean saw the bunch back together shortly after the Kongwak roundabout. However, the steep climb up to Glenalvie Rd saw Alex and Oliver split the field and race away for the second lap.

On the second ascent of the Glenalvie climb, it was Alex Dunbar racing away to solo the last lap. Oliver McLean was in all sorts of trouble and could not ho with Tom and Leigh went they went past on the climb. Alex had no problems doing a solo lap and finished well ahead for the Club Champion title in a time of 1hr26.4min. Leigh made his move on the Glenalvie climb to get a break and race home for 2nd with Tom into 3rd.

Four riders contested the “B” grade race – Peter McLean, Syd Jackson, Tom Fitzgerald and Rod Cheyne and they raced over 2 laps of the circuit. This group were kinder to each other appreciating that it was easier riding in a bunch with all sharing the work load. This went well until the steep Glenalvie climb which saw Rod lose contact with the other trio. It all came down to a sprint finish. Tom Fitzgerald lead out but had to watch as Syd Jackson powered home to take the win from a fast finishing Peter McLean with tom left in 3rd. Syd’s time was 1hr 7.44min.

Next week, the racing is at Pound Creek with the seniors racing for the Lex Watt Trophy and juniors racing for the Watchorn Cup. These are both handicap events and the circuit for the seniors allow most riders to have a good ride.



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