Korrine 24th August 2013

The last club race for the season was held at Korrine in typical winter cold wind conditions. For the riders the only saving grace was that it did not rain. The senior race was run over 2 laps of the 19km circuit which includes the run up McGraws Rd hill, followed by the 2 climbs back up to the Glen Alvie corner before the descent back to the finish near the Korrine tennis courts. The bleak conditions discouraged some starters so that only 12 riders lines up. The handicapper gave Geoff Fraserr a start of 15min followed by David Bennet also riding along on 10min. There was a further gap back to a group of 4 riders on 6 minutes – Kerry Pritchard, Steve Wilson, David and Will Lumby. At 3 minutes there was a trio – Brad Bouquet, Tony Clark and Neil White. Whilst on scratch there was a further trio to share the work – David and Thomas McFarlane and Kevin Feely.

6min bunch at Gow’s on the first lap.

At the end of the first lap the field was still in the starting order but as expected the gaps had all shrunk to just over a minute between each group of riders and it looked like the scratch trio would be able to make the catch. First to succumb were the limit riders which left the 6 minute bunch in front but the field was coming together. The big climb up to Glen Alvie saw the scratch trio catch the field and take a handy lead for the charge down to the finish line. However, Will Lumby and Neil White had been able to go with the move from Thomas McFarlane so it was a trio who raced to the line. At the line it was a clear win and Fastest time to Thomas McFarlane 58.88min. Next home was Will Lumby followed by Neil White. Kevin feely lead the next group in for 4th ahead of Tony Clark, David McFarlane, Steve Wilson, Kerry Pritchard, David Lumby and Brad Bouquet.

Junior winner – Sam Warren

In the junior race over 1 lap there were 5 starters with Alex Bennet at 7min, followed by Aaron Fraser at 4min, Sam Warren, 3 min, Matt Minogue on 2 min and Austin Timmins on Scratch. By the time the leaders reached the MCGraw Rd hill, Sam and the back duo had them covered. The climbs back up to Glen Alvie saw Sam Warren hold a dwindling gap to Matt followed by Austin. The down hill run to the finish was all Sam needed to go on and claim the win from Matt and Austin in 3rd and fastest – 35.26. Aaron and Alex followed in in that order.

Next weekend, the riders and support crew can have Saturday off as the riders are scheduled for a Sunday morning training ride from Outtrim Reserve at 8.00am. This is a chance for the juniors to head out with the seniors and enjoy a ride without the race pressure. Anyone training for Round the Bay or just wanting some company on a ride is welcome to join with the club members.

report by Lindsay Love

Place Senior Event 34Km Handicap Time Av. Speed
1 Thomas McFarlane Scratch 58mins 58s FT. 34.60
2 Will Lumby 6mins 1hr 4mins 58s 31.40
3 Neil White 3mins 1hr 2mins 2s 32.89
4 Kevin Feely Scratch 59mins 2s 34.56
5 Tony Clark 3mins 1hr 2mins 2s 32.89
6 David McFarlane Scratch 59mins 37s 34.22
7 Steve Wilson 6mins 1hr 5mins 58s 30.92
8 Kerry Pritchard 6mins 1hr 5mins 59s 30.92
9 David Lumby 6mins 1hr 6mins 31s 30.67
10 Bradley Bouquet 3mins 1hr 4mins 55s 31.42
11 David Bennett 10mins 1hr 12mins 52s 28.00
dnf Geoff Fraser 15mins
Place Junior Event 17Km Handicap Time Av. Speed
1 Sam Warren 3mins 35mins 53s 28.43
2 Matt MInogue 2min 36mins 3s 28.29
3 Austin Timmins Scratch 35mins 20s FT. 28.87
4 Aaron Fraser 4mins 40mins 16s 25.33
5 Alex Bennett 7mins 45mins 12s 22.57


  1. Thanks to the Team at LCC, Sam. has really enjoyed his racing over the past few weeks with LCC. Paul &Tania

  2. Thank you for the great photo of Sam Warren it is great to see our grandson racing he really has enjoyed it at leonagatha

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