Korrine 25th July 2015 (Sprag trophy)


“Thomas taking 2nd and Fastest time in 38.20min.” (45 event images)

Club members and officials endured a windy and cold afternoon for racing at Korrine on Saturday.  The only saving grace was that it did not rain.  Whilst the thermometer indicated 11C the wind chill factor meant it felt like 5C.  However there was a good turnout of cyclists for the running of the “Sprag” trophy race over 2 laps of the 18km circuit.


“the scratch duo of Brett Franklin and Stefan Kirsch giving a 3 minute start to 5 riders on 3 minutes”

The senior field of 19 riders saw the scratch duo of Brett Franklin and Stefan Kirsch giving a 3 minute start to 5 riders on 3 minutes, a further 4 riders at 8 min, 6 riders at 10min and a duo on limit of 14 minutes.  The limit riders were last year’s winner – Rod Cheney and Dane Herbert.  Rod had put in a good time trial last week and looks to be getting back to form so it was no surprise to see that the limit riders had recorded a good first lap effort.  Also going well were 4 of the riders from the 3 min bunch – Will Lumby, Austin Timmins, Peter Hollins and Harrison McLean.  By the end of the first lap the scratch duo had just split into Brett leading in Stefan and they too had put in a good lap but were now a single rider against 4.  Through Lance Creek with the cross winds Harrison lost contact with the other trio.  With three hills between there and the finish was enough to allow Will, Austin and Peter to ride through the field with only Rod Cheney managing to reach the finish line in contention.  A strong sprint by Will saw him claim the trophy in 57.14 min, however it was a tyre width result for Austin in 2nd over Peter.  Rod came through for 4th, 200m in arrears was Dane for 5th.  Leigh Stott was next home followed by Brett Franklin for 7th and fastest time – 55.43min.  Then it was Kerry Pritchard 8th, Bernadette Fitzgerald 9th and rounding out the top 10 was visiting rider David Chesney.

In the junior race it was a change of field as Oliver had ridden in the senior race leaving Thomas Fitzgerald and Mitch Harry to ride of scratch for the 1 lap (18km).  They had 2 riders at 2 min, 2 at 6 min and 2 riders on limit (12 min) – Sullivan Herbert and Max Slinger.  The junior riders had the benefit of senior riders coming past regularly to give a few words of encouragement.  It obviously worked well for Sullivan as he put in his best ride of the season to lead from start to finish for the win in 47.55min.  Next home with a solid sprint was the scratch duo with Thomas taking 2nd and Fastest time in 38.20min.  then it was Mitch Harry 3rd, Kaleb Jans 4th, Harry Herbert 5th, Felicity Waddell 6th, Max Slinger 7th and Alfie Herbert 8th.

Next week the racing is at Tarwin Lower with the seniors racing out to Walkerville North and return. This will be a different race with basically flat roads punctuated by the 2km climb to the Cape Liptrap turn.

report by Lindsay


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