Korrine 26th July 2014

Racing on Saturday was held at Korrine, with a reduced field of 13 senior riders and five juniors.  The seniors  were competing for the annual Sprag trophy over 2 laps with good conditions, but typical of July with the odd patch of sunshine and an occasional shower of rain.

The seniors rode a two lap handicap of the Korrine circuit, with Damien King a lone limit rider off 15 minutes. Stephen Wilson and Rod Cheyne were the next group riding from 10 minutes, a bunch of three on seven minutes, with five in the next bunch on two minutes and Brett Franklin and Kevin Feely riding from scratch.


2min bunch on the first lap.

After the first lap the two minute bunch had pulled back half the handicap advantage of the seven minute trio, comprising Harrison McLean, Brad Bouquet and Phil Hanley. Brett off scratch was also making significant gains of the field, but it was a day for the out-markers with Damien riding strongly to hold on to his advantage over Stephen and Rod until the last kilometre. Rod Cheyne out-sprinted Stephen Wilson to win, with Damien another 31 seconds back finishing third, Brett Franklin with fastest time finishing fourth, followed by Will Lumby, David Supple, Austin Timmins, Harrison McLean, Ronald Purtle, Brad Bouquet, Phil Hanley, Kevin Feely and Steve Allen.


‘Bernadette claimed the win…”

Five juniors were handicapped to ride one lap of the course with Thomas Fitzgerald and Oliver McLean riding off limit, with five minutes to Matt Winchester then a further three minutes to Grace McLean and Bernadette Fitzgerald on scratch. The handicapper got it pretty right with all riders finishing within just over a minute of each other. Bernadette claimed the win with the fastest time of 36mins even from Grace, with Matt in third place.

In the 100Km Melbourne to Ballarat on Saturday, Stuart Smith (Leongatha) riding with a 23 strong scratch bunch finished 25th out of a field of 193 riders.

report by Lynton

Place Senior  35.2Km Handicap Time Av. Speed
1 Rod Cheyne 10mins 65mins 01s           32.48
2 Steve Wilson 10mins 65mins 01s           32.48
3 Damien King 15mins 71mins 32s           29.52
4 Brett Franklin scratch 57mins 07s FT           36.98
5 Will Lumby 2mins 59mins 08s           35.72
6 David Supple 2mins 59mins 08s           35.72
7 Austin Timmins 2mins 60mins 43s           34.78
8 Harrison McLean 7mins 67mins 53s           31.11
9 Ronald Purtle 2mins 64mins 07s           32.94
10 Brad Bouquet 7mins 66mins 07s           31.94
11 Phil Hanley 7mins 69mins 01s           30.60
12 Kevin Feely scratch 62mins 38s           33.72
13 Steve Allen 2mins n/a
Place Junior 17.6Km Handicap Time Av. Speed
1 Bernadette Fitzgerald scratch 36min 00s FT           29.33
2 Grace McLean scratch 36min 33s           28.89
3 Matt Winchester 2mins 39min 59s           26.41
4 Oliver McLean 8mins 44min 16s           23.86
5 Thomas Fitzgerald 8mins 44min 22s           23.80
Sprag Trophy

“Wonthaggi Sprag award”

The Sprag trophy was instigated in 2000 by Rob Aitken (president 2005-8) for the Wonthaggi based members riding with the Club.  The trophy is associated with Wonthaggi ‘s past Coal industry and a “Sprag” was used in the wheels of the coal trucks to stop them rolling.
Definition:( 1.a simple brake on a vehicle, especially a stout stick or bar inserted between the spokes of a wheel to check its motion.) – not recommended for bicycle front wheels!



2001  Brendan Murphy
2002  Mark Murphy
2003  Tony Smith
2004  Rick Whitehouse
2005  Brett Franklin
2006  Nick Aitken
2007  Eamonn Feely
2008  Nick Aitken
2009  Nick Aitken
2010  Morgn Barnes
2011  n/h
2012  Ronald Purtle
2013  Thomas McFarlane
2014  Rod Cheyne

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