Korrine 28th June 2014

Saturday racing was held at Korrine and the long missing winter finally arrived.  Riders and officials had to battle extremely strong and gusty winds which made the 10C conditions seem closer to freezing.  The winds sometimes threatened to blow riders of the road or into oncoming vehicles.  The occasional gust if it was a head wind almost stalling riders in their forward path.  The smaller junior riders did not ride because of the conditions.


“Damian is having his first season and working hard at increasing his fitness.”

The senior race was over 2 laps with just 12 starters, including hand cyclist Alex Welsh.  Alex who is a paraplegic rides a special low slung carbon fibre creation which he propels via the hands.  Whilst he did not catch as much wind it is still a great effort for him to haul himself up the Glen Alvie hills.  Alex started with a 20min handicap followed by Damian King at 14 min. Damian is having his first season and working hard at increasing his fitness.  He rode to and from Korumburra for the racing and his condition is improving each week.  There were 5 riders in the 7min bunch, 3 riders at 4minutes and a duo on scratch – Brett Franklin and Will Lumby.

After the first lap, Damien King was first through just ahead of Alex whilst Kevin Feely (3min) and Austen Timmins (3min) had managed to catch the 7 min bunch up the hill to the Glen Alvie corner.  The increased tempo split that bunch with just Steve Wilson and Kerry Pritchard going with the pace.  Meanwhile the scratch pairing found Will Lumby suffering as he could not get any shelter behind the diminutive Brett Franklin and was forced to ride alone.  Brett meanwhile chased hard and had closed to within 3 minutes of the leaders.

The second lap saw Brett continue his charge with only Kevin Feely and Austin Timmins managing to go anywhere near following his moves.  At the end it was Brett winning (59.29min) by 100metres from the ever improving junior Austin Timmins followed by Kevin Feely in third.  They were followed home by Stephen Wilson, Damian King, Kerry Pritchard, Mark Bensley, Harrison McLean, Tony Giles and Will Lumby rounding out the top 10.  Alex Welsh finished shortly after with a great effort in such trying conditions and tough roads.


“Grace still leading but with a gap of only around 15 sec over a hard chasing Bernadette”

The juniors were not too keen on doing a circuit so raced over a 10km out and back course.  The scratch duo of Alex Bennett and Bernadette Fitzgerald gave a 30 sec start to Grace McLean.  After 4.5km it was Grace still leading but with a gap of only around 15 sec over a hard chasing Bernadette and a further 10 sec gap over Alex with the climb up to Glen Alvie still ahead.  As well as the climb the riders had to battle a strong head wind up to the Glen Alvie turn.  Alex may have been harbouring some thought of closing the gap on the climb but it was not to be.  With the finish line in sight it was Grace and Bernadette in a 2 up battle.  At the line it was Grace with the win from Bernadette (2nd and Fastest 21.13sec) whilst Alex coming home in third.

Next week the racing it as Pound Creek for the Lex Watt (seniors) and Dancs Cup (juniors).  We need all helpers on deck to run the racing as several of the regulars will be away.  This is the 4th weekend of the winter handicap series.

Lindsay Love

Place Senior  35.2Km Handicap Time Av. Speed
1 Brett Franklin scratch 59mins 29s FT           35.51
2 Austin Timmins 4mins 64mins 48s           32.59
3 Kevin Feely 4mins 64mins 51s           32.57
4 Steve Wilson 7mins 70mins 53s           29.80
5 Damien King 14mins 70mins 53s           29.80
6 Kerry Pritchard 7mins 70mins 53s           29.80
7 Mark Bensley 7mins 71mins 17s           29.63
8 Harrison McLean 4mins 69mins 48s           30.26
9 Tony Giles 7mins 73mins 27s           28.75
10 Will Lumby scratch 66mins 50s           31.60
11 Michael Park 7mins 78mins 45s           26.82
12 Alex Welsh 20mins 93mins 32s           22.58
Place Junior 9.7Km Handicap Time Av. Speed
1 Grace McLean 30sec 21min 43s           26.80
2 Bernadette Fitzgerald scratch 21min 13s FT           27.43
3 Alex Bennett scratch 21min 55s           26.56


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