Leongatha Junior experience – thankyou

To everyone who participated or helped with the Weekend Junior Event,
Thank you for your efforts, generally I think everything went very well.
Without your support we would not be able to run this weekend.
So on behalf of LCC thank you very much.
To all riders, families, clubs, CSV officials, and LCC volunteers, thank you.
Plus a big thank you to our sponsors.
and our product sponsors Wheelheat and Crossover Cycles of Wonthaggi.
Please see our website for all the weekend photos, courtesy of Lynton Clay. Results and story to follow soon.

I am proud that we are able to keep holding this event for a number of reasons.
Firstly, it was one of the first Junior Tours to be run and that it introduced prizes for competitors.
Secondly, it is continuing the idea for such an event in memory of Mark Murphy and also for the tireless work put in by LCC, especially its main creators – Mark Murphy and Lindsay Love.
Thirdly, it is nearing a 20th Anniversary. ( I think this was the 17th running, but if anyone can confirm this thanks!)
Fourth, it is very popular with juniors and provides all juniors, new and experienced, with a chance to “experience” a wide range of road racing styles.
We get very positive feedback from the families and clubs involved as to the style and philosophy of this event. “Everyone can have fun and go home a winner”.
Fifth, It acts as a great show case for the local area to our visitors.
Sixth, It bring juniors together to demonstrate what a great sport cycling can be.
Seventh, It hosts a Victorian Championship event

So thank you to everyone.
Could you please let me know if you have any feedback for the weekend or suggestions to make a 2015 even better.

Participating Clubs were
Ballarat / Sebastopol 1
Bendigo & District 2
Blackburn 5
Brunswick 15
Carnegie Caulfield 27
Geelong 4
Hawthorn 2
Leongatha 9
Preston 1
Shepparton 1
Warragul 1
Total 68

kind regards,
Kevin Feely
Leongatha Cycling Club

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