Leongatha-Mardan 21st June 2014

Stuart Smith rode the tough 38km handicapped Dumbalk/Mardan course with 18 other keen LCC members and finished first and with the fastest time of 58min 22seconds. It was his 1st ride with us for some time as he has been busy with higher profile races in Australia and elsewhere with the Victorian team Search To Retain. The weather was ideal for racing being cool and hardly any wind.


“Harrison has become comfortable riding with the seniors.”

Our junior riders Austin Timmins (14) and Harrison McLean (16) have made giant strides in the last few races as they become comfortable riding with the seniors. Harrison, starting in the 6 rider 8 minute bunch was able to stay with the “scratchies” as they caught all in front of them and was able to hang on and finish 5th. Austin started in the 5 rider 5 minute bunch and rode very strongly up the big hill to Mardan to catch the 8 minute bunch. He was then able to out-sprint the 6 rider bunch chasing the “scratchies” at the finish to finish 6th, a fine effort.

At the start Stuart gave a minute to Brett Franklin and Thomas McFarlane, 3 minutes to bunch of 4 riders, 5 minutes to a bunch of 5 riders, 8 minutes to a bunch of 6 riders and 15 minutes to the lone out marker Damien King. At the finish, at the top of the Horn St hill, it was Stuart 1st, Brett 2nd, Will Lumby (another recently moved up junior) who started in the 3 minute bunch 3rd, Thomas 4th and Harrison 5th.The others were Austin 6th, Neil White 7th, Kevin Feely 8th, Brad Boquet 9th and to complete the top 10 Rod Cheyne.


“Bernadette won with fastest time of 33min 39s”

Four juniors raced an out-and-back course on Nerrena Rd. Bernadette Fitzgerald started on scratch and gave away 30 seconds to Grace McLean, 5 minutes to Thomas Fitzgerald and 6 min to Oliver McLean. At the finish Bernadette won with fastest time of 33min 39sec, Oliver 2nd, Grace 3rd and Thomas 4th.

Thanks to corner marshals Peter McLean and David Lumby, official Jim Geary and to Steve Wilson for finalising the handicaps. Next week will be another handicapped race, this time at Korrine.

Please note Cycling Victoria’s requirement from 25th June that ALL RIDERS MUST have a red flashing rear light visible from 200 metres.

report by Kerry Pritchard





Place Senior  37.5Km Handicap Time Av. Speed
1 Stuart Smith scratch 58mins 22s FT           38.55
2 Brett Franklin 1mins 59mins 48s           37.63
3 Will Lumby 3mins 62mins 48s           37.97
4 Thomas McFarlane 1mins 59mins 48s           37.63
5 Harrison McLean 8mins 67mins 44s           33.22
6 Austin Timmins 5mins 65mins 23s           34.41
7 Neil White 5mins 65mins 23s           34.41
8 Kevin Feely 5mins 65mins 23s           34.41
9 Brad Bouquet 5mins 65mins 23s           34.41
10 Rod Cheyne 8mins 68mins 23s           32.90
11 Steve Wilson 8mins 68mins 23s           32.90
12 Tony Clark 5mins 65mins 23s           34.41
13 Kerry Pritchard 8mins 68mins 38s           32.78
14 Tony Giles 8mins 68mins 51s           32.68
15 Mark Bensley 8mins 69mins 56s           32.17
16 David Supple 3mins 64mins 20s           34.97
17 Steve Allen 3mins N/A
18 Chris Rowe 3mins N/A
19 Damien King 15mins N/A
Place Junior ?Km Handicap Time Av. Speed
1 Bernadette Fitzgerald scratch 33min 39s  N/A
2 Oliver McLean 6mins 45min 51s  N/A
3 Grace McLean 30sec 34min 30s  N/A
4 Thomas Fitzgerald 5mins 42min 15s  N/A


George Martin trophy


George Martin





This trophy is in honour of the Club’s first president.
George was an ex-racing cyclist who was influential in the formation of the Club, becoming the president for the first 3 years.  He continued his involvement with the Club as referee and handicapper in the early years.



Year Winner
1980 R Warren
1981 J Sauvarin
1982 A Sauvarin
1983 n/a
1984 R Grant
1985 P Warren
1986 Tony Smith
1987 Nigel Sutherland
1988 Brendan Vandenborne
1989 Anthony  Hemming
1990 David McFarlane
1991 Tony Smith
1992 Troy Warren
1993 Julian Lee
1994 David McFarlane
1995 David McFarlane
1996 Fredic Andrews
1997 Ben Spiers
1998 Ben Jackson
1999 Brett Franklin
2000 Morgan Barnes
2001 Josh Callaghan
2002 Lorreta Mabin
2003 Kevin Feely
2004 Gerard Murphy
2005 Brett Franklin
2006 Nick Aitken
2007 Nick Aitken
2008 Tony Clark
2009 Neil White
2010 Jamie Grenville
2011 Malcom Gin
2012 Ronald Purtle
2013 Will Lumby
2014 Stuart Smith

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  1. sounds like a fast hard race. well done to all with some great young racers. great win stuart. close sencond brett. watch the young fellas. . am still of not racing trying to get back to a fit body.will try to get fit for island race. good luck every one see you soon. clem

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