Leongatha-Mardan 3rd May 2014


8min bunch Leongatha-Mardan 3rd May (50 event images)

Saturday racing was back to normal club racing and the circuit was around the tough Leongatha-Nerrena-Mardan-Leongatha circuit.  Fortunately the rain stayed away and race conditions were pretty good.  The club welcomed along 6 riders from Warragul, a new rider and several having their first ride of the season.  The senior race over the 38km circuit saw the 2 scratch riders chasing bunches at 2min, 5 min, 8 min, 11 min and 14 min.


“The trio on limit were Damien, David  and Michael”

The trio on limit were Damien King, David Bennett and Michael Park.  They were followed by a quartet of Gary Campbell, Kerry Pritchard, Austin Timmins and Harrison McLean.  By the time these riders reached the hill top at Mardan it was Austin and Kerry out in front with Austin showing the benefit of his Wednesday night training with the bunch doing it pretty easily.  The steep pinch up past Grays Rd saw Austin out in front and on his own against the field.  Austin powered into Leongatha to claim a clear win in a time of 1.10.47.

Meanwhile behind the 6 rider bunches at 8 min and 5 min had come together whilst new rider Matt Sullivan had dropped his co-markers on second scratch to get to the main chasing bunch.  This bunch rounded up all the others on the run back into Leongatha to bring a bunch sprint for the minor places.  The finish was an uphill drag in Horn St near the Special School.


“Second place went to the Warragul stalwart Jeff Thompson in 1.05.30 …”

Second place went to the Warragul stalwart Jeff Thompson in 1.05.30.  Third went to Chris Rowe, 4th to David Supple and 5th to another Warragul rider John Batten all at the same time. Steve Wilson was next in at 1.08.39.  A short break saw a tired Neil White cross in 8th place at 1.09.13.  The Warragul rider Colin Manintveld was 9th at 1.09.40 then Matt Sullivan finished at 10th and Fastest Time of 1.03. 52 sec.

The scratch duo battled to go with the bunches and finished at 21 and 22nd in a time of 1.04.37.  The hills and tough circuit produced a range of performances with riders mostly having plenty to do over the coming weeks.

The Junior riders raced 20km out and back to the Meeniyan-Nerrena Rd corner. Limit was Oliver McLean at 5.30 ahead of Thomas Fitzgerald at 5.00min whilst on scratch the handicapper had Bernadette Fitzgerald and Alex Bennett.


“Alex being fond of the course it was not long before he had dropped all to also ride home a clear winner”

This duo worked well but with Alex being fond of the course it was not long before he had dropped all to also ride home a clear winner in a time of 40.07 min.

In the sprint for the minor places it was Thomas edging out sister Bernadette whilst Oliver came home for 4th.

Next week the club members get to join the Caulfield-Carnegie riders for racing at the Phillip Island car circuit.  This is a great opportunity to race on a closed circuit with good competition.

Also over the weekend the Ararat Junior tour was on and this event attracts a big field with plenty of riders over from South Australia.  Thomas McFarlane and Will Lumby were taking part and both missed the podium in the time trial and Saturdays road stages.  They will both be hoping for better form closer to the State Titles.
report by Lindsay Love


Place Senior  37.5Km Handicap Time Av. Speed
1 Austin Timmins 11mins 1hr 10mins 47s           31.79
2 Jeff Thompson 5mins 1hr 5mins 30s           34.35
3 Chris Rowe 5mins 1hr 5mins 30s           34.35
4 David Supple 5mins 1hr 5mins 30s           34.35
5 John Batten 8mins 1hr 8mins 30s           32.85
6 Kerry Pritchard 11mins 1hr 11mins 30s           31.47
7 Steve Wilson 8mins 1hr 8mins 39s           32.77
8 Neil White 8mins 1hr 9mins 13s           32.51
9 Colin Manintveld 8mins 1hr 9mins 40s           32.30
10 Matt Sullivan 2mins 1hr 3mins 52s FT           35.23
11 Rob Monk 5mins 1hr 6mins 57s           33.61
12 Peter Finlayson 2mins 1hr 5mins 00s           34.62
13 Kevin Feely 8mins 1hr 11mins 07s           31.64
14 Steve Allen 2mins 1hr 5mins 25s           34.39
15 Phil Camenzuli 2mins 1hr 5mins 25s           34.39
16 Tony Clark  2mins 1hr 5mins 25s           34.39
17 Brad Bouquet 5mins 1hr 8mins 50s           32.69
18 David Bennett 14mins 1hr 17mins 53s           28.89
19 Gary Campbell 11mins 1hr 15mins 14s           29.91
20 Tony Giles 8mins 1hr 12mins 19s           31.11
21 Graeme Parker scratch 1hr 4mins 37s           34.82
22 Brett Franklin scratch 1hr 4mins 40s           34.79
23 Harrison McLean 11mins 1hr 17mins 55s           28.88
24 Michael Park 14mins 1hr 22mins 48s           27.17
25 Damien King 14mins 1hr 22mins 59s           27.11
26 Rod Cheyne 5mins 1hr 14mins 30s           30.20
Place Junior 19.4Km Handicap Time Av. Speed
1 Alex Bennett scratch 40mins 07s           29.02
2 Thomas Fitzgerald 5mins 46mins 41s           24.93
3 Bernadette Fitzgerald scratch 41mins 42s           27.91
4 Oliver McLean 5mins 50mins 47s           22.92

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  1. Kerry Pritchard

    Mr Invisible in the Mardan report by Lindsay Love was Kerry Pritchard who came in 6th – see photo of the finish. I am in the black top with yellow helmet.

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