Outtrim 12th April 2014


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Club racing was at Outrrim on Saturday afternoon.  The weather was variable with a good shower over the junior field at 1.30pm but generally fine for the senior race between 2 and 3.30pm, however, most of the seniors were out chaperoning the juniors during their race.  This was the first day of handicaps and perhaps not all were happy with the outcome.  On the basis of the results, the handicapper has a bit of work ahead to resolve where to put all the riders.


“…followed home by a bunch of 4 riders – the scratch duo of Grace  and Aaron , plus the 30 sec duo of Bernadette  and Alex.”

In the junior race over 12km on an out and back run to Hudson Rd, the visiting Caulfield-Carnegie rider, Kobi Merchant proved to be a class young rider as she said thanks for the handicap and easily won the race in a good time of 23.32.  She was followed home by a bunch of 4 riders – the scratch duo of Grace Mclean and Aaron Fraser, plus the 30 sec duo of Bernadette Fitzgerald and Alex Bennett.  In a 4 rider dash to the line it was Bernadette who edged ahead for 2nd place (22.42), followed by Aaron Fraser at 22.12 ,3rd and fastest time.  Then with less than half a wheel was Alex Bennett and Grace McLean. Grace rode well as she had dashed from netball and jumped on the bike without a warm up.  A short break in time saw Oliver McLean take 6th at 27.34 followed by Thomas Fitzgerald at 27.28 sec. In the senior race around Kongwak, Korrine and West Creek there were 18 starters in 6 groups with limit at 12 minutes.  From the finish times the handicapper has plenty of work to do to get the out-markers into the races.  The duo on limit had a 4min gap on a foursome at 8min followed by a trio on 6 minutes comprised of David Lumby, Stephen Wilson and Gary Campbell.  David and Stephen were able to keep a good pace going rounding up the limit riders but in turn were well marked by another quartet at 4 min comprised of Will Lumby, Rod Cheyne, David Supple and Mark Bensley.


“At 3 minutes there was a duo of Chris  and Lachy .”

At 3 minute there was a duo of Chris Rowe and Lachy Matthews. On scratch there was a trio of Thomas Mcfarlane, Clem Fries and Ronald Purtle.  Ronald was in strife early on the climb up to the Korumburra Rd however, Thomas and Clem had picked up Lachy and Chris by Korrine and shortly after had Will, Rod and David in reach.  This gave a big bunch to power along Lynnes Rd and reel in the leaders.  The run along the Inverloch-Kongwak and then Outtrim Road saw a bunch of 7 riders reach the hill up to the reserve.  The uphill dash saw a clear win to Thomas and fastest time in 1.04.33, followed by Clem 1.04.35, Will 1.08.40.  This left some clear space to dad David in 1.10.45, just ahead of Steve Wilson , 1.10.45, David Supple, 1.08.45 and Chris Rowe 1.07.45. Rod Cheyne came home in 8th at 1.08.56, Lachy 9th and a good ride by Austin Timmins rounding out the top 10.  Austin had been at pony club camp all week so bike training was not on the agenda. There is no racing over the Easter weekend but the following weekend – April 26 and 27 is the running of the annual junior experience event.  The Saturday will see around 80 riders from around the State converge on Wonthaggi at the Recreation reserve.  The Sunday will see the action move to Outtrim.  The club hopes to see some good racing from our junior riders with 5 making their debut at this level of racing.  The same weekend Will Lumby will be away racing at the National Mountain bike titles so we wish him well for that event. Tuesday night there is a Club meeting at Phil Ewingtons.  Members are invited to attend to help put final details in place for the junior weekend.

report by Lindsay love


Place Senior  40Km Handicap Time Av. Speed
1 Thomas McFarlane  scratch 1hr 4min 33s F.T           37.18
2 Clem Fries scratch 1hr 4min 35s           37.16
3 Will Lumby 4mins 1hr 8min 40s           34.95
4 David Lumby 6mins 1hr 10min 45s           33.92
5 Steve Wilson 6mins 1hr 10min 45s           33.92
6 David Supple 4mins 1hr 8min 45s           34.91
7 Chris Rowe 3mins 1hr 7min 45s           35.42
8 Rod Cheyne 4mins 1hr 8min 56s           34.82
9 Lachlan Mathews 3mins 1hr 9min 31s           34.52
10 Austin Timmins 8mins 1hr 15min 29s           31.80
11 Kerry Pritchard 8mins 1hr 15min 38s           31.73
12 Ronald Purtle scratch 1hr 10min 15s           34.16
13 Harrison McLean 8mins 1hr 16min 27s           31.39
14 Mark Bensley 4mins 1hr 16min 14s           31.48
15 Gary Campbell 6mins 1hr 18min 18s           30.65
16 Damien King 8mins 1hr 21min 48s           29.34
17 Michael Park 12mins 1hr 20min 30s           29.81
18 Geoff Fraser 12mins 1hr 27min 20s           27.48
Place Junior 12Km Handicap Time Av. Speed
1 Kobi Merchant (CCCC) 3mins 23min 32s           30.59
2 Bernadette Fitzgerald 30secs 22min 42s           31.72
3 Aaron Fraser scratch 22min 12s           32.43
4 Alex Bennett 30secs 22min 42s           31.72
5 Grace McLean scratch 22min 12s           32.43
6 Oliver McLean 5mins 27min 34s           26.12
7 Thomas Fitzgerald 3mins 27min 28s           26.21


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