Outtrim results 6th April 2013

Place Senior Event 41Km Handicap Time Av. Speed
1 Chris Rowe 4min 1hr 13min 26s F.T 33.50
2 Jason Scott 4min 1hr 13min 35s 33.43
3 Will Lumby 13min 1hr 23min 0s 29.64
4 Kevin Feely 4min 1hr 14min 18s 33.11
5 David Lumby 8min 1hr 18min 32s 31.32
6 Cameron Wyatt 8min 1hr 18min 44s 31.24
7 David Bennett 10min 1hr 23min 45s 29.37
8 Tony Giles 10min 1hr 25min 50s 28.66
9 Mark Bensley 10min 1hr 26min 15s 28.52
10 Matt Minogue 13min
DNF Brett Franklin Scratch
DNF Brian Cuman 8min
Place Junior Event 8.4Km Handicap Time Av. Speed
1 Austin Timmins 15m 35s F.T 32.34
2 Hamish Bissett 16m 52s 29.88
3 Aaron Fraser 16m 58s 29.71
4 Alex Bennett 18m 37s 27.07
5 Matt Winchester 20m 10s 24.99

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