Pound Creek 23rd March 2013

Place Senior Event 51Km Handicap Time Av. Speed
1 Brett Franklin Scratch 1hr 19min 17s F.T 38.60
2 Clem Fries Scratch 1hr 19min 26s 38.52
3 Thomas McFarlane Scratch 1hr 19min 38s 38.43
4 Chris Rowe 3min 1hr 23min 26s 36.68
5 Rod Chenye 7min 1hr 27min 26s 35.00
6 David McFarlane 3min 1hr 23min 26s 36.68
7 Neil White 7min 1hr 30min 21s 33.87
8 David Bennett 7min
9 Jason Scott 3min 1hr 32min 26s 33.10
10 David Lumby 7min 1hr 39min 47s 30.67
11 Phil Hanley Scratch
DNF Will Lumby 12min
DNF Tony Clark 3min
DNF Matt Minogue 12min
DNF Geoff Fraser 12min
DNF Mark Bensley 7min
Place Junior Event Handicap Time
1 Alex Bennett 2min 30s 18m 53s
2 Matt Winchester 3min 19m 38s
3 Aaron Fraser Scratch 17m 48s F.T

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