Pound Creek 30th August 2014

Club racing at Pound Creek on Saturday saw 2 trophy races contested.  Riders for the second week enjoyed a fantastic afternoon on the bike.  The senior riders raced for the McIndoe Trophy whilst the junior raced for the Dancs Cup.

The A grade field of 8 riders raced over 2 laps of the circuit to clock up 48km.  Half way round the first lap on the climb up the golf course hill the first serious attack came.  This move initially saw Thomas McFarlane, Brett Franklin and Ronald Purtle move clear.  However, Austin Timmins chased hard and eventually bridged across to the lead trio.  This quartet then stayed together until the sprint to the line.  Thomas McFarlane once again showed his sprint prowess as he had a length win over Brett.  Austin managed to just get ahead of Ronald at the line to claim 3rd.  This was a good workout for Thomas and Austin prior to the National Road titles in mid-September.  Coach Tony Smith was on hand to see how the training effort is translating into road output.  With 2 weeks to go he is optimistic both riders will perform well at the Nationals in Toowoomba, Qld.  The balance of the field sprinted in some 3minutes adrift with David Supple taking 5th, Phil Handley 6th, Kevin Feely 7th and Will Lumby 8th.


‘B’ grade

In the “B” grade race again over 2 laps, the riders were much more inclusive and managed to stay together until the last time up the Golf course hill.  In the end it was Kerry Pritchard coming home the lone winner.  In the bunch sprint for the minor placings it was Michael Park 2nd, Harrison McLean 3rd, Steve Wilson 4th, Damien King 5th and Tony Giles 6th.  Michael was reflecting after the race that he has taken 20minutes of his time from the start of the season for the same 2 laps.  His time on Saturday was 1hr 30min 40 sec.  It is most rewarding for the officials and senior mentors to see the younger riders make such a progression.


“In a tight sprint Alex grabbed 3rd just ahead of Bernadette.”

The junior riders started their Dancs Cup handicap at the Koonwarra/Tarwin Lower corner with the 2 scratch riders – Bernadette Fitzgerald and Kobi Merchant giving away starts at 30sec, 1 min, 4.30, 6 min and 10 minutes.  By the time the riders reached the Koonwarra end of that leg of the race Matt Winchester (4.30min) had rounded up the leaders.  However, behind the scratch duo had picked up the riders at 30 sec and 1 min.  However, down to the line it was Matt Winchester grabbing the win and his first trophy.  The golf course hill saw Kobi move away from the other riders and she held the gap until the line to claim 2nd and fastest – 42.50 for the 24km.  In a tight sprint Alex Bennett grabbed 3rd just ahead of Bernadette.  They were followed by Oliver McLean, Thomas Fitzgerald and Grace McLean.  It was a disappointing day for Grace as her recently serviced bike again let her down with chain problems.

Next week the riders will again be at Pound Creek for further trophy races and the last race of the current road season .  The following days in September are listed as training rides.  Riders are also reminded that the National Road Series – Tour of Gippsland starts the second day of racing in Leongatha on Thursday morning (10am) at the velodrome.

report by Lindsay.

Place Senior A   51.5Km Time Av. Speed
1 Thomas McFarlane 1hr 22mins 0s           37.68
2 Brett Franklin 1hr 22mins 0s           37.68
3 Austin Timmins 1hr 22mins 0s           37.68
4 Ronald Purtle 1hr 22mins 0s           37.68
5 David Supple 1hr 25mins 0s           36.35
6 Phil Hanley 1hr 25mins 0s           36.35
7 Kevin Feely 1hr 25mins 0s           36.35
8 Will Lumby 1hr 28mins 45s           34.82
Place Senior B   51.5Km
1 Kerry Pritchard 1hr 30mins 20s           34.21
2 Michael Park 1hr 30mins 40s           34.08
3 Harrison McLean 1hr 30mins 40s           34.08
4 Steve Wilson 1hr 30mins 47s           34.04
5 Damien King 1hr 30mins 47s           34.04
6 Tony Giles 1hr 31mins 0s           33.96
dnf David Bennett
Place Junior   21.9Km  Handicap Time Av. Speed
1 Matt Winchester 4.5mins 46mins 20s           28.36
2 Kobi Merchant (CCCC) scratch 42mins 50s FT           30.68
3 Alex Bennett 1mins 44mins 17s           29.67
4 Bernadette Fitzgerald scratch 43mins 17s           30.36
5 Oliver McLean 6mins 50mins 50s           25.85
6 Thomas Fitzgerald 10mins 57mins 26s           22.88
7 Grace McLean 0.5mins 50mins 28s           26.04



McIndoe trophyP1030555-McIndoe
Donated by the Shire president W. McIndoe (year unknown) originally as a trophy for senior’s handicap race to Berry’s Creek and back; later changed to a scratch race around the Pound Creek circuit.

Dancs trophy
A Trophy created by Club president John Dench in his parents name. (year unknown)Dancs-trophy

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