Pound Creek 6th September 2014

The 2014 road season concluded with trophy races for both the seniors and juniors. The racing was once again around the Pound Creek circuit and like last weekend the riders were able to enjoy a glorious afternoon on the bike. Whilst last weekend the seniors had a scratch race, this Saturday was a handicap. The seniors raced for the Lex Watt Trophy whilst the juniors raced for the Watchorn Trophy.


“The scratch duo were struggling to make inroads into the handicap”

The Father’s Day weekend appeared to play havoc with the entries however with a couple of visitors to help make up numbers it was a good spread of riders who contested the senior race. Brett Franklin had Daniel Strauss riding with him of scratch and they were giving a 4min start to a quartet including Ben Meadley who was having his first race of the season. There were 5 riders on 7 minutes and a further trio on limit at 14 minute. After the first lap (24km) it was the 4 minute bunch who had made the biggest move having almost caught the 7 minute bunch and with the limit riders in site. The scratch duo were struggling to make inroads into the handicap. At the end there were 8 riders contesting the sprint and a clear win went to Ben Meadley in 1.21.33min. Next home was Austin Timmins followed by Neil White, Davis Supple, Kevin Feely, Harrison McLean, Kerry Pritchard and Colin Maninveldt. Brett Franklin was next home in 9th and fastest time at 1hr 20min.55 with co marker Daniel Strauss taking 10th spot.


Grace and Alex on the Golf course hill.

In the Junior race over 20km it was Bernadette Fitzgerald on scratch with a duo on 30 sec, one at 2min, a rider on 8 min and younger brother Thomas on limit at 14minutes. The juniors had the benefit of the senior riders coming past to give them a bit of encouragement. However, the lure of the trophy had them all working harder. Oliver has ridden a minute quicker than the previous week and rounded up Thomas on the Pound Creek Rd to take out the trophy race. Thomas has held on for 2nd whilst Grace and Alex, who also rode a minute quicker than the previous week had the leaders in site but had to settle for a sprint for 3rd. Alex took a narrow edge for 3rd plus Fastest Time 43.32min. Bernadette missed the co-marker from last week and was a minute slower in 5th whilst last weeks winner was brought undone by the handicapper.

Stuart Smith has been competing in the National Road Series Tour of Gippsland. Stuart had a 4th in the first stage at Warragul, a win in the second stage King of the Mountains and was in a good place. However, the 4th stage from Sale to Port Albert saw him delayed by a fall and time loss to put him out of contention.

The Club also wishes junior Thomas McFarlane and Austin Timmins the best of luck for the National Road Titles next weekend, to be raced at Toowoomba QLD. Thomas races in the Under 17 section whilst Austin is in the Under 15 division.

Next weekend the Club has scheduled a Sunday training ride from 9.00am at the Outtrim reserve. All riders welcome.

report by Lindsay

Place Senior   51.5Km  Handicap Time Av. Speed
1 Ben Meadely 4mins 1hr 21mins33s           37.89
2 Austin Timmins 4mins 1hr 21mins33s           37.89
3 Neil White 7mins 1hr 24mins33s           36.55
4 David Supple 4mins 1hr 21mins33s           37.89
5 Kevin Feely 4mins 1hr 21mins33s           37.89
6 Harrison McLean 11mins 1hr 28mins 33s           34.90
7 Kerry Pritchard 11mins 1hr 28mins 33s           34.90
8 Colin Manintveld 7mins 1hr 24mins33s           36.55
9 Brett Franklin scratch 1hr 20mins55s FT           38.19
10 Daniel Strauss scratch 1hr 20mins55s           38.19
11 Brad Bouquet 7mins 1hr 27mins23s           35.36
12 Steve Wilson 11mins 1hr 34mins36s           32.66
13 Rod Cheyne 7mins 1hr 30mins36s           34.11
14 Chris Rowe 7mins 1hr 38mins0s           31.53
Place Junior   21.9Km  Handicap Time Av. Speed
1 Oliver McLean 8mins 49mins 52s           26.35
2 Thomas Fitzgerald 13mins 55mins 39s           23.61
3 Alex Bennett 0.5mins 43mins 32s FT           30.18
4 Grace McLean 0.5mins 43mins 32s           30.18
5 Bernadette Fitzgerald scratch 44mins 0s           29.86
6 Matt Winchester 2mins 45mins 58s           28.59


Lex Watt trophy
(senior road handicap)
In honour of Lex Watt who died in a truck accident at a Yarram level crossing.  Lex rode with the Club as a Junior in the early sixties.


Watchorn trophy
A Junior road handicap trophy created by Terry & Leon Watchorn. (year unknown)


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