Sprag trophy


Sprag trophy

The Sprag trophy was instigated in 2000 by Rob Aitken (president 2005-8) for the Wonthaggi based members riding with the Club.  A “Sprag” was used in the wheels of coal trucks to stop them rolling and is associated with Wonthaggi ‘s past Coal industry.
Definition:( 1.a simple brake on a vehicle, especially a stout stick or bar inserted between the spokes of a wheel to check its motion.)

2001 Brendan Murphy
2002 Mark Murphy
2003 Tony Smith
2004 Rick Whitehouse
2005 Brett Franklin
2006 Nick Aitken
2007 Eamonn Feely
2008 Nick Aitken
2009 Nick Aitken
2010 Morgan Barnes
2011 n/h
2012 Ronald Purtle
2013 Thomas McFarlane
2014 Rod Cheyne
2015 Will Lumby
2016 Alex Welsh
2017 Phil Hanley

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