Tarwin Lower 24th May 2014

Saturday racing was at Tarwin Lower using and out and back course on the Walkerville R.  Weather conditions cleared from drizzly rain early in the day to an overcast but fine day with a light breeze blowing from the north – great conditions for racing.

With no scratch riders present it was a 7 rider virtual scratch bunch on 2min that were chasing 8 riders at 5 minutes then with 2 riders at 8 miniutes, 2 riders at 10minutes and a lone limit rider at 13 minutes.  With large chasing bunches the handicapper could have been more generous to the outmarkers.

At the 19km turn mark, just past the Cape Liptrap corner, the large 5 minute bunch had gathered up the outmarkers and were working hard to keep the 2 minute bunch behind.  The pace was on for the return run with several riders shelled from the bunch.  At the 8km mark there was just 1 minute between the bunches. Neil White, Steve Wilson, Rod Cheyne, Tony Giles and Brad Bouquet were working hard and thought for while they may stay away.  However with 3km to go the backmarkers rounded up the leading group. Chris Rowe, Phil Camenzuli and Steve Allen did not slack and soon found they had put a gap between themselves and the field and they held this in to the turn at the bowling green and the dash to the line.


“In the 3 up sprint Chris Rowe cleared the line a clear winner from Phil and Steve.”

In the 3 up sprint Chris Rowe cleared the line a clear winner from Phil and Steve.  The bunch was led home by Steve Wilson for 4th – Steve was on a new bike after destroying his previous bike in the tango with the wombat a week and a half back.  In 5th place it was David Supple, then Tony Giles, Phil Hanley, Harrison McLean, Kevin Feely and rounding out the top 10 was Rod Cheyne.  The winning time and fastest time for Chris Rowe was 1hr 4min and 56 sec.

Last weeks winners were well covered this week.  However, it was pleasing to see the continued improvement from the younger riders – Michael Park, Harrison McLean and Austin Timmins.  The Saturday circuit is difficult for these guys as they are on a reduced gear and when it comes to high speed work with the senior riders these guys find themselves being pedaled to the limit.

In the junior race over 16.5km, the riders are making life difficult for the handicapper.  The 5 starters all started off on different marks with limit being Oliver McLean on 8 min.


“After several weeks of struggling Oliver found wings on Saturday has he romped home in 36.39min.”

After several weeks of struggling Oliver found wings on Saturday has he romped home in 36.39min.  In second place was sister Grace in 30.50min.  Just behind was Bernadette Fitzgerald in 3rd and Fastest in 30.26min.  Perhaps it was starting just ahead of a tractor but Bernadette had also ridden well.  Last weeks fastest time winner, Alex Bennett, was missing his co marker and this week struggled to be competitive, came home in 4th whilst Thomas Fitzgerald was 5th.

Next week the Club road titles will be held at Korrine which will be tough conditions for riders to survive in scratch races around the hills on that circuit. The web site for entering the 3 day Gippsland tour over the 3 day weekend is also open for entries. Leongatha host the Sunday racing from the Leongatha Secondary college around the Nerrena-Mardan circuit.

Members are also advised to check the road fixture on the club website as it now includes riders listed for corner duty each weekend.  Riders need to either do the corner duty or find someone to swap with.

Lindsay Love

Place Senior 38Km Handicap Time Av. Speed
1 Chris Rowe 2mins 1hr 0mins 56s FT 37.42
2 Phil Camenzuli 2mins 1hr 0mins 56s 37.42
3 Steve Allen 2mins 1hr 0mins 56s 37.42
4 Steve Wilson 5mins 1hr 3mins 56s 35.66
5 David Supple 2mins 1hr 0mins 56s 37.42
6 Tony Giles 5mins 1hr 3mins 56s 35.66
7 Phil Hanley 2mins 1hr 0mins 56s 37.42
8 Harrison McLean 8mins 1hr 6mins 56s 34.06
9 Kevin Feely 5mins 1hr 3mins 56s 35.66
10 Rod Cheyne 5mins 1hr 3mins 56s 35.66
11 Brad Bouquet 5mins 1hr 3mins 56s 35.66
12 David Bennett 10mins 1hr 8mins 56s 33.08
13 Tony Clark 2mins 1hr 0mins 56s 37.42
14 Neil White 5mins 1hr 3mins 56s 35.66
15 Ronald Purtle 2mins 1hr 0mins 56s 37.42
16 Michael Park 13mins 1hr 15mins 15s 34.94
17 Austin Timmins 5mins 1hr 9mins 21s 32.88
18 Mark Bensley 5mins 1hr 9mins 21s 32.88
19 Damien King 10mins 1hr 14mins 21s 30.67
20 Gary Campbell 8mins 1hr 14mins 21s 30.67
Place Junior 16Km Handicap Time Av. Speed
1 Oliver McLean 8mins 36mins 39s 26.19
2 Grace McLean 1.5mins 30mins 50s 31.14
3 Bernadette Fitzgerald 1mins 30mins 26s FT 31.54
4 Alex Bennett scratch 31mins 27s 30.52
5 Thomas Fitzgerald 7mins 39mins 56s 24.04


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