Tarwin Lower 2nd August 2014

Saturday’s racing saw the early riders at the assembly point at Tarwin Lower waiting for a shower to pass however, after that the riders had a good break for racing – a light wind but pretty cold conditions.  The seniors raced from Tarwin Lower out to Walkerville and return with riders needing to tackle the hill to the west of Walkerville from both sides.

The senior field was only 14 strong and the scratch rider, Brett Franklin gave away starts out to 15 minutes to the lone limit rider – Damien King.  At 10min there was a chasing trio followed by 6 riders at 6 minutes and then another trio at 3 minutes.  However, none of the riders were waiting for Brett so he had a lonely day at the office just managing to grab Fastest Time -69.49min and 11th place.


“As the bunch of 9 riders headed down the finish straight it was Morgan who finished ahead by 2 lengths from Neil (7min) and David (3min).”

Morgan Barnes who has ridden sparingly over the season always likes this course and riding of the 10minute mark suited him to a tee.  He managed to go with the big 7 minute bunch when they caught him and then when the 3 minute bunch caught the leading group with just 3km to go and lifted the pace he was able to answer the challenge. As the bunch of 9 riders headed down the finish straight it was Morgan who finished ahead by 2 lengths from Neil White (7min)and David Supple (3min), in 3rd. Then it was Steve Wilson (7min), Kevin Feely (3min), Brad Bouquet, Rod Cheney, Phil Hanley and Harrison McLean, all from the 7 min bunch (7min).  In 10th place it was the limit rider Damien King who has shown great improvement over the season.


“Bernadette and Grace, had cut the gap substantially but had plenty of work to do on the return run.”

The juniors rode a 16km out and back course and limit rider Thomas Fitzgerald (8.30min) was caught by Oliver McLean (8.00)min by the 6km mark and managed to go with Oliver to the turn.  Then it was a big gap back to Matt Winchester (3.30min), who had to wait for several vehicles right at the turn mark.  At the turn the chasing scratch duo, Bernadette Fitzgerald and Grace McLean, had cut the gap substantially but had plenty of work to do on the return run. However, Oliver who like Morgan, relishes the flat roads at Tarwin Lower flew home to take an easy win.  Thomas looked like he may manage to hold on for a place was rounded up by the 3 chasers who then settled in for a sprint to the line.  In a very close call it was Grace who claimed 2nd and Fastest ahead of Matt, Bernadette and Thomas.

Over the weekend the Victorian Road Titles were promoted at Wangaratta.  On Saturday the other big improver of the season – Austin Timmins, rode his best race yet to grab the Bronze medal in the Under 15 Individual Road Title.  This was another step in his development following his good rides the previous weekend at the Eildon junior tour where he placed 5th overall.  On Sunday he backed up with 5th in a bunch sprint. Thomas McFarlane and Will Lumby were competing in the Under 17 division but both missed on podium finishes.

Next weekend there is no club racing as the Gippsland Road titles are being held in the Latrobe Valley.  All our club members are urged to have a go at the Titles and see how they fare in a mass start race.

report by Lindsay


Place Senior  42.5Km Handicap Time Av. Speed
1 Morgan Barnes 10mins 76mins 56s           33.15
2 Neil White 7mins 73mins 56s           34.49
3 David Supple 3mins 69mins 56s           36.46
4 Steve Wilson 7mins 73mins 56s           34.49
5 Kevin Feely 3mins 69mins 56s           36.46
6 Brad Bouquet 7mins 73mins 56s           34.49
7 Rod Cheyne 7mins 73mins 56s           34.49
8 Phil Hanley 7mins 73mins 56s           34.49
9 Harrison McLean 7mins 73mins 56s           34.49
10 Damien King 15mins 81mins 30s           31.29
11 Brett Franklin scratch 69mins 45s FT           36.56
12 Tony Clark 3mins 73mins 46s           34.57
13 Michael Park 10mins 80mins 46s           31.57
14 David Bennett 10mins 89mins 12s           28.59
Place Junior 14.6Km Handicap Time Av. Speed
1 Oliver McLean 8mins 32min 04s           27.32
2 Grace McLean scratch 27min 35s FT           31.76
3 Matt Winchester 3.5mins 30min 05s           29.12
4 Bernadette Fitzgerald scratch 27min 35s           31.76
5 Thomas Fitzgerald 8.5mins 35min 18s           24.82


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