Tarwin Lower – Walkerville 27th July 2019

Saturday saw the club racing at Tarwin Lower with the seniors racing out to Walkerville North and return for a 42km journey. For a mid July Saturday conditions were pretty good – 13C and a light wind. Often for racing along the coast there can be a strong and buffeting wind so riders were happy with less wind and no rain. The limit trio had a 14min start over a duo on 6 min and a further 4 riders on scratch.

Whilst the limit bunch made it away and only had a lead of around 4min at the turn, the 6 min duo were in trouble at the start as Leigh Stott did not make it back from his warm up in time leaving Colin Aitken to head off on his own. The scratch riders – Stefan Kirsch, Chris Joustra, Brett Franklin and Daniel Furmston went out hard and lost Brett Franklin on the big climb up to the Cape Liptrap corner but managed to pick up the 6min to Colin Aitken by the turn.

The limit riders worked hard on the return trip but were no match for the scratch riders and were rounded up about 3km from the finish in Tarwin Lower. In the dash to he line it was Daniel Furmston taking the win 1hr 3m 33 sec. Stefan Kirsch was 2nd and Chris Joustra 3rd. Peter McLean was 4th, Tony Giles 5th and Mark Bensley 7th.

In the Junior race over 7km, Bastian Jefferies gave Stephen Spencer a start of 3 mins. However, Stephen over cooked the turn and took a tumble which allowed Bastian to come through and take the win. Stephen managed to regain his composure and finish the race.

Next week, racing will be at Poowong using the Poowong-Nyora-Loch- Poowong course. All people with a past history with the cycling club are reminded the 60th Anniversary Dinner Dance is coming up in Oct 19. If you are interested in attending you can go to the club website and get the booking form. Get organised with some past friends and make a great night in October.


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