Track Report Jan 27th 2012

Friday night was a great night for racing but the holiday period conspired to produce a very quiet night with only 2 riders fronting.  However, these 2 were evenly matched so they had some good rides.  The first event was a 1 lap time trial and Hamish Bissett clocked a 39.44 sec lap even though he was slow out of the start.  Matt Minogue, having his first night back from holidays was also slow on the start and recorded a 40.17 sec lap.

With only 2 riders, some new events had to be trialled so there next event was a 2000m pursuit – one rider starting each side of the track.  Hamish Bissett went out fast and opened a gap of around 25m but as is his style Matt Minogue worked into the contest and after 1600m there was nothing in the contest.  Over the last lap Matt pulled ahead to win by 15m.

Following a short rest the riders were given a 1 lap handicap.  A further fast start saw Hamish make the most of his handicap start to score an easy win over Matt.  Following this the riders were given some 2 lap sprint races with some talk on tactics between.  Try as he might Hamish could not quite match Matt with his final burst up the finish straight.

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