Velodrome 15th February 2019 (Track championships)

The club held the current track season championships on Friday night as there are only 2 more Friday nights prior to the conclusion of the season. The championships are based upon 3 events – time trial, sprint and scratch race with riders scoring points for each event and the overall placings depending on the points tally. The club had Under 15 and Under 13 titles this season.

The first event was a 1 lap time trial. In the Under 15 section it was Zoe Reiter on 41.77 taking the points over Renee Hardacre on 45.40sec. In the Under 13 group, Erica Deery put in a great time trial of 40.69 sec to lead from Grace Peterson 44.02, Emiley Hadicke 49.82 sec and Bastian Jefferies at 50.81 sec. The riders then moved the sprint event. In the Under 15 section, Zoe was on song taking both heats with the riders trying different tactics to try and get a favourable result. In the Under 13 section, there were 2 heats initially with the winners moving on to race for 1st and second and the losers to ride for 3rd and 4th. The final saw Erica racing Grace for the win and Erica took this in 2 straight heats. In the race for 3rd, a close race saw Emiley just edge out Bastian for the points.

Each section was given a 2km scratch race and in the Under 15 section, a very determined and competitive Zoe worked hard to make it a clean sweep and take the Title From Renee. In the Under 13 section, the result came down to a close sprint to the line. Once again Erica showed the way ahead of Grace, Emiley and Bastian which was also the finishing order for the Championship. Well done riders.

With the formal events done and dusted the riders were given a 1 lap handicap. Bastian had a handicap of65m over the 2 scratch riders of Erica and Zoe whilst Grace was racing from 15m, Renee on 30 and Emiley on 55. Unfortunately for Emiley, she pulled the foot out of the pedal at the start so missed the race. Renee worked really hard and actually moved away from the backmarkers and eventually flashed past Bastian up the straight to take a good win. Bastian survived to take 2nd whilst Grace finished strongly to grab 3rd.

In the Olympic sprint event, the team of Zoe, Grace and Emiley had a consistent effort from all the team and came home clear winners over Renee, Bastian and Erica. The final event for an entertaining evening was an elimination race where the last over the line is eliminated each lap. Renee, who has been getting some Sunday rides in with the women’s social rides along with Zoe set a solid pace. the extra fitness and strength saw them see off Grace into 3rd place and then it was a close job for the judges at the end with Zoe just holding out Renee for the win.


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