Velodrome 15th February 2013

Another fine Friday night and some good racing but with a few riders missing it was a little difficult to create good match ups.  The first event for the night was the 1 lap race against the clock.  Thomas McFarlane riding on some heavier training wheels still managed to clock a slick 31.08 sec lap. Matt Minogue continued his improvement to record a 35.60 sec lap just ahead of Geoff Fraser at 35.73 sec.  Next it was Aaron Fraser at another good time of 36.68 sec.  Austin Timmins recorded a 37.70sec lap , Alex Bennett at 42.81, Matt Winchester 43.97 and Fleur Timmins 49.31 sec.

“The younger trio, Alex, Matt and Fleur,  were given  4 lap scratch race. “

The younger trio, Alex, Matt and Fleur,  were given  4 lap scratch race.  Alex showed the benefit of an extra season of racing as he controlled the race at the business end to win from Matt and Fleur.  The other 5 riders were given a 6 lap scratch race and whilst the swapped turns early it was Thomas McFarlane who slipped away at the bell to post the win. Matt Minogue chased hard and secured 2nd place ahead of Austin.

“Fleur decided the handicap start would suit her just fine so romped home a clear winner.”

The junior trio were given a 1 lap handicap and Fleur decided the handicap start would suit her just fine so romped home a clear winner over a close battle for the minor places – Matt getting the nod ahead of Alex.  In 2 lap handicap for the others, Geoff decided he was not up to a race so soon after his other efforts.  However, Thomas McFarlane again showed why he is heading to the National Titles next week as he easily chased down a big handicap to win from Aaron and Austin.

The riders were then split into teams for an Olympic sprint event.  The first heat saw Aaron and Fleur up against Matt and Alex.  After an even first half lap between Matt and Fleur,  Aaron was able to finish a bit better than Alex to land the win for his team.  In the second heat, it was Thomas and Austin against Geoff and Matt.  The race opened with Geoff against Austin and whilst Geoff was moving well after 200m, Austin had managed a pretty good start also.  It was then pretty easy for Thomas to outpace Matt Minogue over the last half lap to take the win for his team.

A little recovery time and riders were back out for sprints.  Matt Winchester against Fleur was the first 1 lap dash and this time it was Matt taking the chocolates. Then it was Aaron versus Alex and Aaron proved too slick for Alex.Geoff was matched against Austin and once he managed to wind up the big gear it was curtains for Austin.  That left Thomas to race Matt Minogue and whilst Matt put in a good ride it was Thomas who had control all the way to the line.

“The last race was an elimination race.”

By this time riders were getting tired so the last race was an elimination race.  Fleur raced well early but was caught short in the dash to the line.  It was a similar fate for a tiring Matt Minogue as Matt Winchester pipped him at the line.  However, the riders kept dropping and at the bell it was Alex Bennett who managed to grab third place leaving Austin and Thomas to race for the top spot.  Austin battled gamely but Thomas was not about to let this one escape and duly claimed the win.

Next Friday night the riders will race at Warragul club meet.  Tuesday night sees a club meeting at Neil Whites.  The club also mourns the passing of a great club man in Mark Murphy.  RIP Mark.

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