Velodrome 16th December 2016


B grade 8lap scratch race. (55 event images)

The racing on Friday night was under the threat of rain after a change of weather late in the afternoon, but there were only a few drops that fell during the event on what was a mild evening.

As usual a one lap time trial was the first event to gauge riders form for the handicap racing to follow. Thomas Fitzgerald was first away recording 35.13 secs for the lap, followed by Jack Allen (38.08), Kaleb Jans (38.12) and Felicity Waddell (38.47) to complete the juniors with both Felicity and Kaleb improving their personal best times. The senior riders recorded the following times, with no personal best times on the night. Chris Ray (31.71), Steve Allen (31.92), Austin Timmins (31.64), Kevin Feely (36.20) and Dylan Adams (34.74)


A leisurely pace in the B grade scratch race.

With little time catch their breath after the time trial Jack Allen, Kaleb Jans and Felicity Waddell were called up for a B grade four lap scratch race. The first couple of laps were leisurely enough until Jack and Kaleb became competitive over the remaining laps with Jack holding Kaleb at bay over the remaining metres to the line to win. The senior scratch race was over eight laps with six riders. The field held together until a little more than one lap to go when Steve Allen using the same tactics as the previous week tried to jump the field before the bell, but Austin Timmins was right on to Steve before he could get too far away, coming around Steve on the last banking on to win with Chris Ray third.

Next up were rounds of handicap racing with Kaleb Jans the winner of the first B grade heat from Felicity Waddell and Jack Allen. The results were reversed in the reheats with Jack winning from Felicity and Kaleb. In the senior two lap handicap Chris Ray took the win from Austin Timmins and Thomas Fitzgerald


Chris watching wearily in the second A grade sprint.

In the A grade sprints, first up was Dylan Adams winning over Thomas Fitzgerald and Kevin Feely and in the second round it was Austin Timmins winning from Steve Allen and Chris Ray.

To complete the evenings racing, scratch races were held while the sausages were still cooking. The first race was a four lap B grade with Jack Allen taking the honours, Kaleb Jans second and Felicity Waddell third. In the A grade over 12 laps it was Austin Timmins who dominated the race to win easily from Chris Ray, Steve Allen, Thomas Fitzgerald, Kevin Feely and Dylan Adams.

A social Christmas sausage sizzle followed the racing with members and friends. It was also great to see Jim Geary in attendance after recently spending time in hospital. Racing at the Velodrome is scheduled to recommence on January 13th.


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