Velodrome 18th March 2020

The Covid-19 actions have impacted the cycling with all events including club racing cancelled for the immediate future. The Cycling club managed to hold an end of season night last Wednesday night where the training session became a race night followed by a BBQ. Fortunately we managed to acquire enough sausages for the BBQ and a little social time when riders all received a prize for their attendance over the season.

With 12 riders in attendance the racing started with 3 grades doing scratch races. In the A grade race over 5 laps saw the experienced Tom Fitzgerald giving the novices in the field some extra prowess to consider. However in the dash to the line it was Tom winning from Oscar Davis with Ethan Davis getting the better of Felicity Waddell for the 3rd place. In the B grade race over 4 laps Zac Evans moved away early in the last lap and whilst challenged by Kate Geary managed to secure a comfortable win with Renee Hardacre into 3rd. In the C grade race over 3 laps there was plenty happening. Asher Davis went out hard and opened a gap but Ryan Beggs and Zak Dowel soon closed the gap down. After last week’s success, Ryan was keen to lead out again but Zac was determined to change the outcome. However in the dash to the line Ryan came around to grab a very close win from Zak whilst Trent Beggs battled home for 3rd.

The riders were then given a 1 lap time trial and the last chance to post a season best time. Tom Fitzgerald improved slightly on last weeks time to post a smooth 33.2 sec. Oscar was next with a 38.47 sec lap whilst Ethan clocked in at 39.30 sec which was his best for the season. Felicity rode a 40.60sec lap. Into the B grade field it was a close call with Zac Ecans at 47.04sec, Renee at 47.66 sec whilst Kate rode a tidy 48.15 sec lap. In the C grade field it was Trent Beggs with a 48.12 sec lap who was quickest followed by Zak Dowel at 50.89, Asher Davis at 51.90, Stephen Spencer at 54.20 sec and Ryan Begg at 60.83 belying his fighting efforts in the distance events.

To finish of the season the riders had an elimination race for A and B grade riders and it went mostly to expectations with riders having learnt from last weeks errors. However, Ethan Davis still moved into the wrong position and was eliminated at 4th place leaving Felicity to claim 3rd whilst Tom Fitzgerald dashed away from a tired Oscar Davis to claim the win. In the C grade elimination, a major battle between Ryan and Trent Begg and Zak Dowel saw them ride the other riders out of the contest. Ryan sought to win with another break away but Zak Dowel was tenacious and challenged right to the line. However he came up short leaving Ryan to claim a narrow win, Zak 2nd and Trent 3rd.

At present racing is not permitted until April 30 but that date is likely to see a continuation of the ban so riders will need to monitor the club website or Facebook for updates.


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