Velodrome 1st March 2019

Friday night saw the end of track season racing for the current season but the club will continue with Wednesday night training and use the time to get juniors organised for road bikes ready for the first Sunday Criterium on March 17. It was a very warm night for racing and a BBQ after on Friday and for the first time for the season, the boys outnumbered the girls.

The 1 lap time trial saw several riders post PB’s which was a reflection of their efforts training on Wednesday night. They all have improved their starting technique. Thomas Fitzgerald posted a 34.01 sec time with Zoe Reiter next at 40.98 sec. Not far adrift was Thomas Geary at 42.67 sec whilst Kate Geary lead in the next group at 47.93 sec. Bastian Jefferies rode a 52.13sec whilst Stephen Spencer took 2 sec from his previous time riding 53.85 sec.

In the junior 4 lap scratch race. The bunch was all together at the bell. Bastian moved away quickly and Kate and Stephen were not able to go with the acceleration and Thomas was slow to react. However, from the 200m mark, Thomas started to get the gear wound up and eventually dashed past up the finish straight for the win from Bastian and Kate. In the other race, Thomas Fitzgerald did the work on the front for Zoe and then allowed her to take the front spot for the sprint to the line with Zoe getting home by half a wheel for the win.

In the first junior handicap over 1 lap, the handicapper did a great job as the placings were decided in the final dash to the line. Kate Geary (30m) chased down the leader and rode strongly to the line for the win whilst Thomas Geary (Scr) flashed home in 2nd just overtaking Stephen (50) at the line.
In the re-handicap, Stephen (55) lead all the way to take a narrow win from Thomas (Scr) and Kate (20) in 3rd also just catching Bastian(40) at the line.

In the senior handicap, Thomas Fitzgerald (scr) gave Zoe (70)m start and flashed past her just before the line for the win. Following that he had a challenge from sister Bernadette for a match race. In a close result, Thomas took the win.

In the juniors, Thomas and Kate Geary had a sprint heat and in a late sprint to the line, Thomas just managed to get past Kate for the win. In the other sprint heat between Bastian and Stephen, it was another close race but Stephen drifted up the track and Bastian was quick to move through the opening and take the win. Thanks to Peter and Kerry Fitzgerald for the BBQ after racing.


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