Velodrome 28th February (Track championships)

The Club 2020 Track Championships were held on Friday night. Fortunately the morning rain had cleared and riders were able to enjoy a fine evening for racing. However, before racing had started Tom Geary managed to bite the dust and needed some first aid to make it to the start line. Luckily there were just a few grazes and his form was not impacted.

The riders were given a warm up scratch race before the Title events were run. In the A grade 4 lap scratch race Oscar Davis took control and lead the last lap to have a clear win. However the battle for the minor placings went right to the line with Ethan Davis grabbing 2nd just ahead of Grace Peterson. In the B grade 3 lap scratch race it was Kate Geary making the most of the opportunity who grabbed the win. Zak Dowel having his first race rode home strongly to take 2nd ahead of Asher Davis.

It was then on to the Titles with riders competing in their age group events. The first event was a 500m time trial which was 100m more than the normal 1 lap dash that riders race. In the Under 13 age group, Tom Geary rode a 52.06 sec time for the win ahead of Kate Geary at 56.67 sec, Zac Dowel at 61.01 sec and Stephen Spencer at 69.3sec.

In the Under 15 group it was Grace Peterson at 50.45 sec ahead of Asher Davis at 63.47 sec whilst in the Under 17 it was Oscar Davis at 46.90 sec with Ethan Davis at 50.52 sec.

In the Sprint event in the Under 13 group it was Tom Geary winning from Kate Geary and Zak Dowel. Whilst in the Under 15 group Grace Peterson won from Asher Davis and in the Under 17 Oscar Davis won from Ethan Davis.

The riders then fronted up for a scratch race. The Under 17/15 group rode a 5 lap event and in a great finish it was Oscar winning the Under17 group from Ethan whilst Grace won from Asher in the Under 15 group. In the Under 13 group over 3 laps it was a tight finish but Tom Geary took the honours just ahead of Kate and Zak .

This left the title placings as follows :- U17 Oscar Davis 1st, Ethan Davis 2nd, U15 – Grace Peterson 1st, Asher Davis 2nd, U13 – Tom Geary 1st, Kate Geary 2nd, Zak Dowel 3rd and Stephen Spencer 4th.

To finish the night the riders had a 1 lap handicap. However, Oscar missed out as he had lost screws from a cleat on his shoe. Tom Geary (25m) blasted away from the start and had most of the field rounded up with 20m to go so went on for an easy win. However, the minor placings were much closer. It looked like the limit markers would hang on for a placing but saw skill errors at 180m to go slowed the impetus and that allowed the back markers to rush home up the straight to snatch the placings. Ethan(15m) took 2nd just centimetres in front of Grace(20) and Asher (60) was left with 4th. Kate (45) was 5th, Zak(55) 6th and Stephen(75) at 7th.

Training and racing will be on again next week and with a few more starters riders may get to try some new events.


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