Velodrome 29th November 2019

The weather gods are not smiling on track cyclists this year. The rain that went around and threatened on Friday evening arrived and washed out the racing on Friday night after just 2 events. What started as a little light spit turned into steady rain.

However for the few locals that fronted the riders managed to fit in a 4 lap scratch race which saw Tom Geary scoot away from the bunch with 2 laps to go. Zac Evans was the first to start the chase and it was not long before Emiley Hadicke jumped on the wheel and had a cart around for a lap. However, the chasers did not manage to close the gap so that Tom had a clear win. However, the 1 lap sit was enough to allow Emiley to come around Zac up the straight to grab second with Zac in third.

With the minor light rain still around the riders started the 1 lap time trials. Last rider up and by now a wet track was Tom Geary however he scooted around with the best time of 43.20 sec. Next best time was Renee Hardacre with a time of 46.20 sec. The other three had little to split the times. Zac Evans on his first night of racing was at 49.20 sec, Kate Geary at 49.32 sec and Emiley Hadicke at 49.45 sec.

The wash out was disappointing as the Wed Night training has seen a good roll up with a further new rider this past week. The Club is always happy to have new riders come and have a try at the track racing – provided it is not raining.


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