Velodrome 30th November 2018

Friday night saw the club get to run a track program after being washed out the week before. With senior riders racing at Bright over the weekend it was left to the juniors to have some Friday night fun. Racing started with 4 girls racing and then halfway through the evening the Club was pleased to see new member Grace Peterson get a start.

First race of the evening was the 1 lap time trial to see how the riders fitness is progressing. Best time for the night went to Erica Deery in 42.36 sec. Next was Renee Hardacre in 45.17 sec. Kate Geary rode a 48.00 sec lap whilst Grace was at 49.43 sec just ahead of Emily Hadicke at 50.12 sec.

Whilst the handicapper sorted out some handicaps the girls raced a 3 lap scratch race. All was quiet until bell lap. At the finish, it was Erica winning from Renee and Kate. After a short recovery, the riders had a 1 lap handicap. Kate Geary (25m0 flew away at the start and quickly hit the front. She raced home a clear winner from Erica Deery (scr) and Emily Hadicke (35). The follow up re-handicap saw Renee Hardacre make full use of a 10m lift in the handicap mark (25) to blast away and score an easy win m Erica (scr) and Emily (40) in 3rd.

The 4 riders were split into 2 riders teams for a 1 lap team sprint. Erica and Emily had a very narrow win over Renee and Kate with the winning time at 45.69 sec. After that, the riders had some sprint heats. In the first heat Erica was too quick for Renee. In the second heat it was Kate going from the start whistle who took the win.

At this point in the evening Grace was able to make a start. She was given a sprint heat against Kate and Emily and managed to take the win at her first race from Kate and Emily. A re-match between Erica and Renee saw a close race but once again it was Erica crossing the line in first place. To finish the night the riders raced another 3 lap race, this time with 5 starters. At the bell it was Renee who was most determined and she raced away to take the win whilst Erica tool 2nd and after a hard battle Grace just edged out Kate and Emily for 3rd place.

Training is on Wednesday evening. The club had a new boy rider try out last Wednesday so it would be a great time for others to come and try out at 6.30pm this coming week. The Club has bikes to help riders get started.


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