Velodrome 5th March 2021

The end of another Track season

Friday night saw the closure of another track season. The club had a short race program followed by some social time with a BBQ. Racing will transfer to the road on Sat March 13 with racing scheduled for a start at Outtrim Reserve.

In the opening warm up scratch races, the A grade riders raced over 6 laps. Fletcher Hill and Ethan Davis put the pressure on with 3 laps remaining which resulted in those 2 being free to race for the win. In the dash to the line it was Fletcher who grabbed the win from Ethan and Oscar Davis. In the B Grade 5 lap race it all came down to a dash for the line and at the end of the season Ryan Beggs has discovered he has a fair turn of speed. He used this to finish strongly winning ahead of Kate Geary and Renee Hardacre.

Onto the 1 lap time trial and Ryan Beggs and Kate Geary managed to find a new Personal Best for the season. However, the quickest time for the night was a very close battle – Fletcher Hill clocked a 36.04 sec to Ethan Davis on 36.06sec. Not far of the pace was Oscar Davis at 36.53 sec. Next best was Kate Geary at 41.99sec followed by Zac Evans 43.94sec. Renee Hardacre recorded a 45.48sec just ahead of Ryan Beggs at 45.8sec whilst Stephen Spencer was at 52.43sec.

Onto the handicaps with riders starting off the fence. In the A grade race, Ethan Davis, riding for the first time from Scratch with co-marker Fletcher Hill flew away from the start to race home a clear winner with Fletcher 2nd and Oscar Davis (15m) in 3rd. In the re-handicap, Zac Evans (5m) was able to take advantage of the drop down the bank at the start to defy the chasers and take the win. Fletcher Hill (10m) grabbed 2nd and Oscar (25m) took out 3rd.

In the B grade race, Kate Geary (Scr) was quickly away and quickly chased down the out-markers and take the win from Rene (10m) and Ryan Beggs (20m) into 3rd. In the re-handicap, Stephen Spencer liked the drop in from the bank (80m) and raced away to have a clear win. Kate Geary put in another great ride for 2nd and Renee chased her home for 3rd.

To round out the night, the riders had a couple of sprint races. In the first, Kate Geary continued her great efforts winning from Renee and Ryan. For the A grade riders, the first heat was a close affair with Ethan Davis showing his Club title win last week was not an aberration as he won from Fletcher. In the final race it was a win to Oscar over Zac.


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