Velodrome 6th March 2020

On a cool March night with the prospect of some light rain threatening the club managed to get through a good night of racing without interruption. Some old faces were welcomed back with the result being some interesting races and challenges for some of the newer riders.

The first event was the 1 lap dash against the clock and Tom Fitzgerald was back in action and recorded a slick 34.12 sec time.
Oscar Davis tried to match the challenge but had to settle with a 36.62 sec time and will need to become smoother with his efforts. Next in was Ethan Davis at 39.72 sec just ahead of Felicity Waddell at 40.68 sec who was having her first ride for the season. Renee Hardacre clocked 44.7 sec, Asher Davis 48.69 sec whilst Stephen Spencer on the slightly bigger bike was at 49.75 sec.

The next event was an A Grade 6 lap scratch race and the bunch had a few surges but were all together at the bell with Oscar Davis trying to lead out the field. However, the final dash to the line saw a win to Tom Fitzgerald ahead of Oscar and Ethan. The B grade 3 lap race saw Asher Davis work hard right from the start and hang on to take the win ahead of Renee and Stephen.

The A grade riders had a team sprint – Oscar and Ethan against Tom and Felicity. Felicity did a great lead off to set Tom up for a cruisy last lap and win for the team. The B grade riders were given a 1 lap sprint and Renee quickly marked the rush from Asher and Stephen to take the win.

The riders were then given grade handicaps.
In the first A grade event Tom Fitzgerald (scr) flew from the start and rode past the field to score an easy win from Felicity (40) and Oscar (20) whilst Ethan (35) felt his pusher could do better. On the next outing it was Ethan(60) making the most of a good start who lead all the way to win from Oscar(40) whilst Tom (scr) just snuck in for 3rd.

In the B grade handicap, Stephen Spencer (40) lead all the way and won by 10cm in a tight finish from Renee (scr) with Asher (15) in 3rd. The revised handicap run saw Stephen (40) storm away and win easily from Renee (scr) and Asher (25).

The final event for the night saw all the riders start in elimination. The wise heads prevailed in this as making sure you have a clear run to the line each lap is important. Whilst Tom and Felicity controlled the race upfront it was some great riding from Renee that tipped out some of the more favourites. Ethan was a casualty of being boxed in at the bottom of the track and Oscar also succumbed to a similar outcome. At the finish it was Tom winning from Felicity and Renee.


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