Velodrome 6th November 2020

Weather Doubts cuts into Numbers on Friday Night

Although the racing went ahead on Friday night the odd shower throughout Friday resulted in many of the riders deciding to stay at home leaving just 6 riders for racing. This meant riders had to back up from one race effort to the next with limited recovery time. The first race of the night was a 5 lap scratch race and Tom Geary, fronting for the first time of the season, opened up with a win. Second went to Zak Dowel ahead of Kate Geary, also having her first race of the season.

Next up was the 1 lap against the clock. Tom Geary was quickest at 44.54 sec just ahead of Kate Geary at 45.67 sec and Renee Hardacre at 46.27 sec. However, all the riders posted times not far away from this mark.

The handicapper was busy trying to sort out handicaps but had to battle with some pushers of lesser capacity than others. In the first 1 lap race, Zak Dowel (30m) worked hard to claim the win ahead of Zac Evans (25m) and Kate Geary (20m) in third place. A quick re-arrangement and the riders were back out for the second handicap. This time it was Stephen Spencer(75m) making the most of his handicap who claimed the win. Renee Hardacre (25m) came home at the head of bunch for second whilst Zac Evans (15m) grabbed third.

The riders were then given some sprint heats with Kate Geary taking heat 1 from Renee Hardacre. The second heat saw Zac Evans take the win over Tom Geary whilst in the final heat it was Zak Dowel winning from Stephen Spencer.

To finish the night the riders had an elimination scratch race. Zac Evans showed the best fitness as he held on to win from Zak Dowel with Renee Hardacre in third.


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