Velodrome 9th November 2018

After a couple of weeks of Wednesday night training, track racing made a hesitant start again on Friday night. Right on start time the assembled riders and officials had to retreat to cover as a shower passed through and delayed action for 15 minutes. Even after the shower, the action was restricted to events on the grass – 2 slow races and 3 short dashes.

The first 2 slow races on the grass were won by Willow Bakagiannis. Kate Geary was 2nd in the first and Tom Gear 2nd in the second race. Renee Hardacre had a 3rd as did Emily Hadicke. The short dashes up the grass were closely contested however, Kate Geary managed to win all 3. Willow showed some versatility as she grabbed 2 second places whilst Tom Geary moved into second in the third race which added to his 3rd in the first dash. Renee managed 3rd in the last 2 dashes.

After all this eventing on the grass, it was considered the track had dried enough to allow the riders to put down a 1 lap time trial. First up was Tom Geary recording 46.85 sec. This proved to be the best time by the juniors. Just behind was Renee Hardacre at 47.00 sec with a fast finish but slow start. Kate Geary rode a competitive 49.35 sec then it was Emily Hedicke at 50.40sec whilst Willow was a little worried by water in the gutter and rode a 1.06min time. Will Lumby was the only senior to front and his first effort for the night was a slick 30.20sec. At the end of the night, he backed up and clocked a 30.00sec lap which was a great ride for a heavy night.

The juniors were given two 1 lap handicap races. In the first Renee riding from 10m had a clear win from Kate Geary (15) with Katie Geary (40m) in 3rd place. Tom Geary (scr) looked to be a chance of running a place at the 200m mark but rode up high as he hit the bend and lost plenty of speed. In
the second handicap, Emily Hedricke (35m) raced really well and made full use of the handicap to
have a clear win ahead of Tom Geary (10m) who edged out Renee (Scr) into 3rd.

The last race for the night was a 2 lap scratch for the juniors. Kate Geary moved out hard just after the start and had the field chasing her. Renee thought of pushing past but settled back onto the wheel whilst the rest of the field was chasing hard. At the bell, it was still Kate leading however the challenges came in the last 200m. Renee hit the front in the home straight to take the win whilst
Katie Geary finished quickly to take 2nd edging in front of Kate Geary just on the line.

The club is keen to see riders front up for Wednesday training and can usually sort a bike for people
to come and try.


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